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The Reconnection Weekends’ team is made up from a group of dedicated professionals who have spent their time working and helping people in their lives, love and careers. Each member of our “Team” has a different background and set of skills to bring to the table to ensure that each weekend will be extra special. We cater for all people from all walks of life and through our dedication, tenacity and hard work will ensure that each weekend is a memorable experience and that all of our guests will go away with the confidence and ability to move forward in their lives.

Our Team



Genevieve comes from a background of Training and Sales, having run a very successful Dating Club for Professional, she has a natural ability of understanding people’s needs. Originally she trained for Theatre and Performing Arts, but as a backup she also studied, International Business, Sales and Training Development. Having worked in the Media whilst juggling a life treading the Boards she decided to turn her hand to Sales and Training, falling into Recruitment by accident, she then made a career from it for over 15 years.

Now working as an Independent Consultant she trains people Internationally, making use of her multilingual ability and writes training programs to suit all walks of life, this has given her a wonderful insight into how people operate.

Her many years at Management Level in Recruitment has helped her to Match people professionally as well as personally. Being the friend, who always introduced and supported couples, she decided to look at “Relationships” in more depth and set up and ran her Dining Club.

Claim to fame; At a Halloween Fancy Dress Ball, she successfully “matched” 5 couples, who continued in their relationships and some even got married! Also Jack Nicholson turned up at her wedding and ended up in the photos! She also was part of a Youth Theatre with the lovely Kate Beckinsale.



With no discernible talents, an inability to sing or dance, “people” is Jane’s thing!

As our resident Life Coach it’s Jane’s job to get you to look deep inside yourself and see where your talents lie, to focus and build on your strengths and use your own personal skills to help transform your life. Focusing on the Relationships sector of your “Wheel of Life”, Jane’s group coaching sessions are fun, interactive and full of useful information and motivational techniques to help you grow in confidence and well-being.

Jane’s background is not only in Life & Personal Coaching but also in Recruitment and Business Mentoring. She’s run her own successful agency for over 11 years and a few years ago was finding it difficult to balance her time between work and the search for love. She understands the difficulties of being a ”35+ year old, single, independent, professional woman looking for the right guy to fit into her busy schedule”! Thanks to a good friend renowned for her match-making skills Jane was introduced to Neil at a Quiz Night (which they won!) and has never looked back. They are now happily married with two wonderful sons and she is here to impart her experience, understanding and wisdom.



You know how you can sometimes struggle to have the true confidence you really need emotionally and socially. This can mean you doubt or even think less of yourself, are too afraid to ask someone out, can feel unattractive, are too fearful about getting out of a bad relationship, are afraid to try new and life-enhancing adventures and regret letting some great potential emotional and other opportunities pass you by.

International transformational confidence and communication expert Seán Brickell will show you some tried and tested and proven easily accessible, easily applicable and easily achievable practical and little known psychological techniques learned in war zones, undercover work and successful businesses that will strengthen and sustain your confidence and communication skills so that you can put them into practice immediately during the Love Match weekend and afterwards. This means you will start to feel more confident and communicate more effectively emotionally, socially as well as professionally. This means that you have higher self-esteem, have a go at asking someone out, whatever happens, feel much more attractive, not get involved in a bad relationship and try new and life-enhancing adventures and grasp some great potential opportunities.

Seán Brickell is an entrepreneur and the author of Don’t Shoot – I’m Not Well! Confidence for when you really need it. He works around the world helping to improve the personal and professional confidence and communication skills of business people and individuals to help them make a profitable difference, financially and otherwise. His clients include Vodafone, Clifford Chance, Royal Mail and easyJet. Seán, who’s an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, is also an award-winning journalist and broadcaster, having been a network TV newsreader and undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers. He’s been held at gunpoint a few times by angry men in ugly situations, met and interviewed world leaders, film stars and some of the world’s more bizarre, beastly and beguiling people. Seán also has the unique distinction of once having read the national TV news in his underwear after he lost his trousers in the rush to the studio from a particularly good party!



As a child Faye always knew she wanted to be a chef and, with baking as her passion, she’s worked hard to get to the top of her profession! With a degree in Culinary Art and over 15 years of professional experience Faye is currently the only female Head Chef in her company. Having worked as a Pastry Chef for some of the industry’s biggest names including Raymond Blanc and Gordon Ramsey, Faye’s knowledge, flair and expertise is without question. She’s taught at a renowned London College and is as comfortable leading her brigade as she is imparting her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

She’ll be in charge of our sumptuous meals, our Gala Dinner and helping our guests learn the “dying art” of Baking to help create their very own Mad Hatters Tea Party.



Renée Coppinger, the EuroStyle expert, brings a polished European look to Top- Tier Executives and Entrepreneurs that up-levels their personal style quotient and their business success. After more than 15 years in the Italian fashion industry, Renee started her own Image Consultancy that specializes in helping C-Suite men and women develop their personal brand to bridge the gap between their products, services and professional image through individual coaching and a series of seminars on Professional Image and Personal Impact.

Renée holds a B.S.F.S. from Georgetown University, Wash., D.C. US, a Masters of Fashion at the University of Bologna, Italy and has trained with the leading U.K. Style Consultancies Style Directions and Aston & Hayes. She belongs to Association of Style and Image Professionals, in London. Renée is regularly featured as the Style Expert on Talk Radio Europe and has contributed as Style Consultant to Finest Magazine, Beauty Magazine, Marbellas.com, Marbella TV, El Corte Ingles department store, Spain and the Marbella Film Festival.



Emma Ziff is an internationally acclaimed Relationship, Dating & Sex expert. A specialist in all aspects of sexual and intimacy issues, helping people realise that there are many others in the same situation. Bringing these concerns out into the open for both singles and couples of all sexual preferences, Emma ultimately helps you put the fun back into the bedroom…lounge… kitchen…bathroom….!

As a non-judgmental lateral thinker and her 12 year career in TV, media and Radio, Emma covers many topics that most people would run a mile from, including erectile dysfunction to incestuous relationships. Bringing these issues to the forefront of today’s society, she has helped 1000’s of people in their life and relationships. With her openness and easy approach, Emma quickly gets to the heart of the issues and offers guidance, advice and fantastic helpful tips! Her radio show ‘Ziffy’s Love Zone’ has a unique style of presenting, and informative advice combining the knowledge of Dr Ruth with the humour of Joan Rivers!

As her radio guests and phone-in callers describe her show “ Its direct, you ask a question and you get the answer with ‘warts and all’, Emma doesn’t beat about the bush” Emma has been interviewed on many radio programs all over the world including BBC Radio and has made various television appearances on programs such as ‘’Real Women’’.

A global speaker and seminar leader, Emma empowers men and women through self-awareness, in a fun and informative way. In her private sessions, her goal is to help you gain an insight into the bigger picture of your life so that you can bravely face and overcome obstacles and negative patterns in your relationships. With Emma’s passion for greater communication and sexual knowledge for couples, she champions worldwide for honesty around the subject of orgasms with her global ‘Make It, Not Fake It’ campaign!

As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and University College Hospital London, Emma likes to keep up-to-date with the latest medical and psychology research. She also has close links with the Family Planning Association, with the importance of people’s knowledge around sexual health. Her qualifications include Sexology, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Time Line therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Complimentary Health. Emma has written books including: ‘How To Enjoy Sex On A First Date …. And Still Feel Guilt Free’, and contributes to many international newspapers and magazines on Love and Sex.



All our group coaching sessions are carried out by professional, experienced coaches and we keep the sexes apart! This is something that we do deliberately as experience tells us that in these types of sessions people are prepared to open-up more especially when discussing sensitive subjects like “relationships”. It is less embarrassing for some when practicing skills and techniques such as “flirting”, reading “body language” and building “confidence” when they are separate from the opposite sex. The sessions are fun and informative and not meant to put anyone “under pressure” or do anything “extreme”. In addition there will be opportunities to book “one-to-one” sessions with our coaches during the free-time periods, these are available in advance for an additional charge.


All of our events are designed with fun in mind, they’ll give you a new range of skills but will also help you relax and start reconnecting with your loved one. Our specifically chosen events range from Cocktail-making lessons, for those budding Tom Cruises, to baking and cake-making ready for our Mad Hatters Tea Party on Sunday evening. Taught by the Best in their field you and your partner are not only sure to learn new talents but also find a deeper bond together. In addition we have an amazing Black-Tie Gala Dinner on the Saturday night, a Quiz night and even offer, for those adventurous, outdoorsy people a Hike through the grounds (bring your wellies, it is the UK!). These events have been specifically chosen as ones that have created the best “environment” for bringing you closer together, putting your new found “flirting” skills to the test and reading “body language” plus the pressure is always off when you’re having fun!


We are fortunate to hold our events in amazing locations in the UK from stunning Grade II Listed Georgian Country Mansion just 20 minutes from the M4 in the fabulous Welsh Countryside to other more intimate venues in the UK. These amazing locations offer our guests a luxurious getaway where they feel that not only are they on a “Romantic Weekend” but also a fabulous “retreat” away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With it’s beauty and tranquility you can’t help but relax the moment you drive into the grounds. There is an abundance of space so if you just want to explore the grounds and take time to enjoy nature and reflect on life then you can do so during the free-time periods built into the weekend. For the brave you can take a dip in the unheated plunge pool or spend some time relaxing in the wood-fired sauna, alternatively challenge each other to a game of pool or table tennis in the games room. You can do as much or as little as you like!

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